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Dr. Sarno and his Work

Mindbody medicine pioneer, Dr. John E. Sarno, is Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine at New York University School of Medicine and attending physician at the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, New York University Medical Center.

Since 1973, Dr. Sarno has conducted research and clinical practice on disorders relating to musculoskeletal pain. Through his ground-breaking experience, Dr. Sarno has identified the cause of most common back, neck, shoulder and limb pain, and has developed a revolutionary Mindbody treatment program which has helped many to become free from chronic pain.

Over three-quarters of a million readers of Dr. Sarno’s books, as well as thousands of his patients, have shared a common bond: the discovery that the agony of most back pain – and its cure – has a basis in the mind.

Dr. Sarno’s therapeutic approach is based solely on providing knowledge and understanding of the true source of the pain. This is accomplished by personal interaction between Dr. Sarno and the patient.

This DVD provides the opportunity to hear and see Dr. Sarno describing the nature of the disorder through a process of realization of the relationship between emotions and physical symptoms, as well as the power of awareness as a cure for many common pain syndromes.

Many people who have been diagnosed with conditions such as spinal stenosis, a herniated, ruptured, or bulging disc, shoulder, knee and foot tendonitis, as well as sciatica and fibromyalgia have become pain-free by learning that they are suffering from a psychosomatic disorder and that the structural abnormalities were not the cause of their pain.

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