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Below Are Some Of The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Dr. Sarno’s Work

What is Tension Myoneural Syndrome (TMS)?

Tension Myoneural Syndrome is a basically harmless condition characterized by pain, due to mild oxygen deprivation of spinal nerves or tendons. The pain is psychosomatic, and is initiated by the pressures of life and certain personality characteristics.

How Is The Disorder Treated?

The success in treatment is based on the fact that Mindbody symptoms will usually cease when one understands what is going on in the body that is painful, what is going on in the mind that is causing the pain, and how they are related. Dr. Sarno goes to great lengths to provide this information.

Is Dr. Sarno’s Approach Alternative Medicine?

No. The DVD describes a legitimate pain disorder. Chronic pain has become an epidemic in the United States and Dr. Sarno believes that this is because the true cause of the pain has been misunderstood.

What Is Mindbody Medicine And How Does It Relate To Dr. Sarno’s Work?

Mindbody medicine considers the relationship between emotional states and the manifestations of symptoms, disorders and disease. Dr. Sarno’s understanding of the cause and treatment for most common pain complaints identifies a specific and previously overlooked relationship between the mind and the body. His revolutionary theory has been validated by decades of experience with many victims of chronic pain.

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