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Healing Back Pain - The Mindbody Prescription

Dr. Sarno�s entire lecture where he teaches about the nature of the Tension Myoneural Syndrome (�TMS�): why most structural abnormalities do not cause pain, how the unconscious mind can create real physical changes in your body and how the pain of TMS can be stopped.



Healing Back Pain - The Mindbody Prescription

The VHS contains the same content as the Healing Back Pain/The Mindbody Prescription DVD but on the older format of videocassette rather than digital video disc.



Healing Back Pain

The book, Healing Back Pain, introduces the Tension Myoneural Syndrome (�TMS�) and gives you an important basic understanding of Dr. Sarno�s theories, diagnosis and treatment strategies.



The Mindbody Prescription

The Mindbody Prescription gives greater detail about this disorder and also explains TMS equivalents: symptoms other than musculoskeletal pain that are caused by the same Mindbody condition.



The Divided Mind

Dr. Sarno�s most recent book, The Divided Mind, reveals the doctor�s latest thinking about psychosomatic disorders and how the brain and emotions are the source of the most of the misunderstood symptoms which people experience today.