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Media Coverage

The Rosie O'Donnell Show

Rosie's comedy producer, Jeanette Barber, was unable to walk due to "horrible" ankle pain, which persisted for three years. After being told she'd never walk again due to "incurable" tendonitis, Jeanette came on the show with a plea to the audience for an answer to her problem. A few weeks later, the show received hundreds of letters, many from people recommending Dr. Sarno's book, Healing Back Pain. Jeanette read the book, went to Dr. Sarno's lecture, and within three weeks was completely cured. Rosie invited the doctor to appear on the show to thank him personally. "I've known Jeanette for fifteen years," Rosie explained to Dr. Sarno, "Before she attended your lecture, she was crying every day from the pain. Now, she's walking again and completely pain-free."

ABC's 20/20 with John Stossel

Television news correspondent and former patient, John Stossel, described Dr. Sarno's program as a radically simple treatment for a back pain in segment on 20/20, which followed three patients through their entire treatment process, (one of whom was Jeanette Barber). Mr. Stossel talked about the fact that recently scientists have discovered that there is almost no correlation between pain and what shows up on X-rays and MRI's. "Many people without back pain have disc bulges, and lots of people with pain have no structural problems."

Prior to hearing Dr. Sarno's lecture, the three subjects were collectively using heat packs, electric current, whirlpool baths, pain pills, stretching, shiatsu and steriods; however, nothing worked well or permanently. After the lecture, two were pain-free within seven days. As described above, Jeanette was pain-free within three weeks.

Larry King Live

Inspired by the doctor's appearance on 20/20, television interviewer Larry King invited Dr. Sarno to appear on his show, Larry King Live. Mr. King dedicated an entire episode to a round table discussion on the revolutionary aspects of Dr. Sarno's work and its relationship to traditional diagnosis and treatment. Joining Mr. King and Dr. Sarno were spine surgeon, Patrick O'Leary, defense attorney and back pain sufferer Robert Shapiro, as well as Jeanette Barber and radio talk-show host Howard Stern, who also has been successfully treated by Dr.Sarno. The topics included the importance of making a correct diagnosis, and understanding that, in the case of TMS, the pain is real but the cause is stress-related.

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