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Now, with the Healing Back Pain/The Mindbody Prescription DVD, viewers can learn the nature of the Tension Myoneural Syndrome (“TMS”) which includes:

DVD Excerpt #1

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Dr. Sarno speaks about his work and the reason for creating this DVD.

DVD Excerpt #2

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Dr. Sarno begins his lecture to a group of patients, all suffering from various chronic pain syndromes.

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In addition, this program contains interviews with patients who explain and describe their journey through the various stages of Dr. Sarno’s treatment process, as well as an introduction and summary from Dr. Sarno. It is not intended to diagnose or treat the viewer. The program runs 2 hours and 20 minutes, and is presented in four sections:

  1. The Physical Manifestations – How The Pain Actually Occurs In The Body.
  2. Who Gets TMS.
  3. The Psychological Factors Causing the Pain.
  4. Strategies for Dealing with TMS.

The following are quotes from Dr. Sarno’s presentation on the DVD:

"Since 1973, I have focused my research and clinical practice on mindbody disorders, most particularly a condition that appears to be responsible for the majority of common back, neck, arm and leg pain complaints. I have written three books on the subject, and treated thousands of people with chronic, severe, often disabling pain. The DVD is designed to educate people as to the existence and nature of TMS."

"Well, it’s clear that you’re all suffering from some very significant, important pain in some part of your body and I’m here to help you get rid of that pain. You’ve all been diagnosed with a variety of abnormalities and other conditions. Disc problems for example, arthritis of the spine, fibromialgia, and many others, and you’ve been told that these things are the cause of your pain. We’re going to talk about that. After spending decades studying these problems and treating large numbers of patients with these problems, I’ve come up with a different diagnosis. There’s something else that’s causing your pain. We call it Tension Myoneural Syndrome, TMS for short. I’m here to teach. You’re here to learn. We’ve adopted this learning or teaching method of treatment because we found over the years that people will get better if they learn what is the true cause of the pain."