If TMS is harmless, why does my back hurt so badly?

by Ken Malloy

The nature of TMS is that it is often excruciating and yet the pain from TMS is totally harmless.

And, this is the most challenging aspect of the disorder!

We’ve been conditioned to believe that serious pain MUST mean that something is physically wrong. Of course, in the case of any pain, we must be thoroughly checked out by our doctor to rule out serious disease. Pain is often our bodies mechanism to tell us that there may be a physical problem.

But not in the case of TMS.

Mild oxygen to muscles, tendons and nerves is the ONLY cause of TMS symptoms. Harmless yet often very painful. And, TMS is so painful, it is hard to accept that the cause is harmless. The pain can be so severe… so significant… so dramatic that we may say to ourselves:

“There is no way this could be harmless!”

And yet, according to Dr. Sarno, there is nothing in Western medicine that could cause such severe pain except serious disease, (conditions like cancer, a tumor or an infection.)  And, you’ve been thorough examined by your doctor who has ruled those out. Right?

So, if your pain is SO severe, and serious disease has been ruled out, then we can consider that the severity of the pain actually proves the diagnosis of TMS!

But, what do we do when faced with a X-ray or MRI that shows that we have a structural abnormality and pain that “experts” are telling us being directly caused by that particular “condition”?

Well, then it’s time to question the perceptions and thinking that’s behind those conclusions.

Stay tuned!

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Arif Mosharraf 12.22.08 at 10:15 pm

I totally agree with your post. It is very hard to convince yourself that the pain is due to TMS. I’ve just subscribed to Dr.Sarno’s TMS diagnosis after reading his book ‘Healing Back Pain’. And it really made a huge difference. Every time my pain returns or I feel exruciating pain, I start reading his book. Specially, the DO’s and DONT’S on the first page of the book, I read them several times a day. Thanks for your post. It is very informative and helpful.

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