Why Journey?

Learning to become pain-free from TMS, like any journey, takes time.  And so, I find it best to maintain that perspective on this process.  This means practicing patience and compassion. The pain of TMS may very well effect the quality of your life.  Pain may limit our activities. It may change what we think about.  It may force us to look at our lives differently and even live our lives differently.  Perhaps, we’d rather be doing other things!

So be it.

We can be and probably should be glad that our condition is benign, that there is no serious medical consequences  of the pain.  I made the decision to not fight with my TMS pain but rather work with it.

“Stay calm”, I would tell myself, “Be a good student of what Dr. Sarno is teaching and be patient.” I was hopeful that consistent effort with a regular practice of homework would give me the results that I wanted so badly.

It did.