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The onset of TMS (Pain) can be severe and frightening.

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Persistent, recurring TMS can ruin your life.

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Traditional diagnoses can be confusing and contribute to the problem.

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Regularly prescribed treatments often don't
work for the long term and sometimes not at all.


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No longer living in fear of physical activity or hurting oneself.

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Free of Pain at last.

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Dr. Sarnoís patients speak about their
condition before consulting with Dr. Sarno.

The onset of TMS (Pain) can be sudden, severe and frightening.

"One morning I woke up in excruciating pain. I couldnít move my head in any direction and I really didnít know what to do."

"I was standing perfectly still in a store, waiting at the counter, when all of a sudden my entire right leg, from thigh to toes felt like it went to sleep on me."

"I was doing squats one day at the gym and I heard a pop in the lower part of my back, and I woke up the next morning and I was in agony."

"I was walking with some friends. We hit an ice patch and I slipped and I tried to catch myself and I remember it was really a wrenching feeling. I kinda heard a sound and all of a sudden I couldnít get up. The person I was with, because sometimes I joke around, they said 'Stop fooling around,' I said, 'I am not fooling around! I cannot control my foot!' and that became frightening."

Persistent recurring TMS can ruin your life.

"The pain devastated my life. It was with me from the moment I woke up in the morning, the pain, until the moment I went to bed at night."

"The most agony I have ever experienced in my entire life. I basically wasÖ I couldnít move."

"Itís intense. Itís nagging. Itís frightening. Itís debilitating. It moves around sometimes and creates a desperation, because it not only stops you from doing your life, your livelihood, but from having fun."

"It would not go away, and it stayed around for a year, and thatís how this chronic pain turned into something which was really debilitating."

"It was about nine months in duration where I was severely restricted in what I could do. Iíd be up in the morning and wouldnít know how long I would be up before I would be crawling back into bed again."

Traditional diagnoses can be confusing and contribute to the problem.

"I went to see a doctor and he told me to go for an MRI. The MRI was shocking because they found two herniated discs and one bulging disc in my neck."

"They took an MRI and sure enough, thereís a bulge. Thereís a herniated disc, L4-L5, L5-S1."

"It just progressed, until it got worse and worse to the point that I went to a neurologist and to other physicians. I even saw a neurological surgeon, who I was sent to, and was ultimately diagnosed with Stenosis and prescribed to have surgery."

"I was diagnosed with muscle spasms. I did rupture a disc at one point. Spinal Stenosis, Scoliosis, all the normal things orthopedists tell you when they look at x-rays and MRIs."

Regularly prescribed treatments often do not work for the long term, and sometimes not at all, because the diagnosis is incorrect.

"I was told I had a herniated disc, and that surgery would be my best option. I decided to have the surgery and it really didnít help. I was still in tremendous pain. Then I was told that scar tissue had formed following the surgery, and that was the cause of my pain."

"I tried physical therapy, I tried acupuncture, I tried oral steroids, steroid injections. I tried everything."

"A friend of mine went to Dr. Sarno about a month before, and he told me that heíd pay for the bill if it didnít work. And I said, 'Well, just pay for it now, because it canít work, I mean Iíve done everything. Howís this guy by just going to a lecture going to do anything?' It was just hopeless. I was already on all kinds of medication. Anti-inflammatories; painkillers, and it stopped working and I just thought it was ridiculous, but I had nowhere else to go."

Dr. Sarnoís patients speak about their
condition after consulting with Dr. Sarno.

No longer living in fear of physical activity or hurting oneself.

"Before I came into contact with Dr. Sarno, I was afraid to run, I was afraid to lift things, I was afraid to do practically everything. And then, having seen him and gone to his lecture, I am now able to do the things I had not done before. I feel free. Basically someone freed me from this pain that I was in, and now I am able to lead the life that I had before, the life that I wanted back."

"I still have flare-ups every now and then and I think about it and it just lifts. Maybe a day to the most, but I had weeks of, weeks, years of terrible pain where I was frightened to move, bend twist, I was frightened to have a life."

"Iím not afraid to do anything now. Once I started to see that I got results from this, you get a little braver and you do a little more, and you give up the fear. And you find that you can do anything and that you donít have the fear that you used to have."

Free of pain at last!

"Iím feeling great. On a scale of 1 to 10 Iím a 9 and when I was hobbling around I was a 4 or a 3."

"Being pain-free is great. I mean, if youíve lived with pain a long time, going back to doing everything you did before, doing new stuff is, means you canít put a price on that. Dr. Sarno and his philosophy has really given me my life back.

"Dr. Sarno is truly my little miracle-worker. Without him, I donít know what wouldíve happened to me."

"I think Dr. Sarno is a diamond, but he is a diamond that doesnít cut."

"I am feeling well. I feel relieved. I feel unburdened. I feel very privileged to have met Dr. Sarno and worked with him. Itís something that is a blessing and I wish more people would know about it."